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A Guide to Choose Beach Cover-ups Based on Your Body Type

When you are planning a romantic trip to the beach, many factors need to be taken into consideration, such as destination, weather, transport, and so on. But please don't nurse one very important thing: the beach cover-up. But you may wonder what type of beach cover-ups are suitable for what type of body? What kind of body shape do I belong to? Please don't worry, here we will recommend you the right beach cover-up for your body shape, so that you can have a perfect beach trip!


The apple-shaped, or O-shaped body type, is characterized by a fuller and more rounded physique, often associated with maturity and plumpness. This body type typically features a robust back and upper arms, excess fat accumulation around the waist and abdomen, a protruding belly, and a less defined waistline. However, a notable advantage of this body type is that the calves and arms tend to remain relatively slender.

If you have an apple-shaped figure, selecting suitable clothing that complements your body shape is essential. One option is to opt for an inclusive crochet cover up dress. This style features a loose-fitting design around the waist, which effectively camouflages any imperfections in this area. Additionally, the loose silhouette of the dress allows for comfortable movement while accentuating the slimmer arms and legs. By choosing a crochet cover up dress, you can confidently showcase your slim limbs while minimizing attention to your midsection. This can help alleviate any anxieties about your figure, allowing you to embrace your unique body shape with style and grace.

women's crochet cover up dress for beach time


When you have a pear-shaped figure, it is important to balance the difference between your upper and lower body. v-neck tops are the way to go. This is because when people wear V-neck tops, their eyes are unconsciously drawn to your slender neck. Meanwhile, high-waisted A-line skirts will also be a part of your wardrobe.A-line skirts are usually wider from the essentials, which perfectly slims your hips as well as elongates your proportions and makes you look taller.


One of the most desirable body types according to many is the hourglass shape, which is the body proportion that most people dream of. People with this body type are also known as “natural clothes hangers”, meaning they can easily pull off any outfit. This is because it is characterized by fuller breasts and hips, as well as a pronounced waistline, which creates sharp curves. This type of figure is suitable for wearing slightly slimmer dresses, which can perfectly show the curves of the body. When you stand on the beach in a knitted cover up dress or sit in a café by the sea, there is no doubt that you will become the most unique scenery.

women's knitted cover up dress for summer vacation


Long cover up dresses are very friendly to H-shaped people. This is because usually, H-shaped people have shoulders as wide as their hips, which makes them look straight and lack visible curves. Long cover up dresses often have soft fabrics and lightweight textures that create a sense of flow around the body, thus adding layers to the body. This layering allows your body to look more colorful and avoids a monotonous straight line look. Certain styles may have a drawstring waist or ties, which create a slight cinching effect at the waist and can also add a hint of curves to an H-shaped body type. At the same time, long styles can completely cover the hips and thighs, helping to balance out the upper and lower body proportions of an H-shaped figure and making the body look more proportionate.


The most obvious feature of a V-shaped body type is that the shoulders are a little wider than the waist and hips, creating an inverted triangle overall. You can choose V-neck or deep V-neck tops or dresses to elongate the neckline and lessen the width of the shoulders, thus making the overall body shape look more proportional. This design also helps draw the eye to the vertical lines of the upper body more than the broad shoulder area. Also avoid choosing garments with visible shoulder pads, as they can further accentuate the effect of broad shoulders and make the body look bulkier.

Hope this guide will help you know exactly what kind of body you belong to then pick out the best beach cover-up for you. But I would say that no matter what you wear, staying confident is the most important. Confident girls, let's enjoy the sea together!

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