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Wash and Care Guide for Your Swimsuit Cover-up

With the rising temperatures, those fashionable girls are surely pondering over which swimsuit would best complement their beach promenades. In addition to bikini suits, how can you miss a trendy swimsuit cover up when you enjoy the beach? However, have you ever thought about how to clean and care for it after wearing it once? Even though it may seem easy, for some it can pose quite a challenge. Let's delve into the washing and care procedures of beach cover-ups— ensuring you're all set for your next beach trip!

Washing Methods

If you purchase a new sexy swimsuit cover up, there typically is a label with washing directions. Review the label guidelines. First, you can soak it in clean water below 20 degrees, then add a little neutral detergent, gently scrub it with your hands after 10 minutes, then rinse it with clean water, wring it out slightly, and dry it in a cool place, but remember not to use hot water, detergent, bleach, and sunlight.

After you swim in the sea, you should wash it with clean water below 30 degrees as soon as possible to keep it fresh and clean, because there is a lot of salt in the sea water that will corrode clothes to a certain extent. After washing, put the beach cover-up in a cool and ventilated place to dry, avoid direct exposure to sunlight, to ensure the elasticity and toughness of the fabric. If you want to keep the beach cover-up bright and soft, you can add a few drops of softener to the clean water, soak the beach cover-up for 10 minutes, and then take it out to dry directly.

Washing Precautions

Can I wash my beach cover-up in hot water?

No! Direct contact of hot water with the beach cover-up can cause the garment to fade, stain, and lose elasticity. It is recommended to wash in cold or warm water.

Can I soak my beachwear?

Yes. If you don't, the clothing will still be permanently stained. This trick will help moisturize fabrics that have been exposed to strong sunlight and sea salt.

Can I wash my maxi cover up in a washing machine?

No! When trying to get the beach cover-up clean, avoid putting the beach cover-up in the washing machine. Because the vigorous movement of the machine may damage the seams, causing your beloved beachwear to tear. In addition, the machine will also damage the elasticity of the garment, making the fabric wide and deformed.

Can I dry my beach cover up in the sun?

No! Just like hot water, the heat of the sun can damage the original color of the garment, stain it, and even make the garment appear yellow. High temperatures can also damage the seams, making it easy to fall off. Therefore, it is recommended to always dry bikinis, swimsuits, and beach cover-ups in a cool and ventilated place.

Can I iron my beach cover up?

No! Forget about this step after taking the garment off the clothesline! For those who want to keep their beachwear beautiful, a hot iron is one of the enemies. This type of clothing does not need to be ironed as it does not wrinkle at all. Once the clothing is completely dry, simply fold it and place it in your closet.


Let's summarize these wash and care methods. Soak in water for 15-20 minutes, add mild detergent and rub gently, then remove excess water with your hands, and finally dry in the shade and fold it in the closet. With these special wash and care methods, your favorite swimsuit cover up will remain beautiful for longer, without stains and bright colors.

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