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10 Types of Beach Cover-ups to Try This Season

When warmth and sunshine come with summer, we long for the sea even more. Because the sea symbolises freedom, where we can be carefree and forget about the worries that work and life bring us. Beachwear comes in all kinds, from cute swimming costumes to sophisticated accessories to the sexiest beach cover-ups. Here, we have handpicked some beautiful beach cover-ups for you to complete your beach look.

Contrast Color

This design creates a bold visual impact by combining contrasting, complementary or two very different colors. This technique not only catches the eye and highlights specific features, but also creates a dynamic and energizing look. By wearing one of these great beach dresses on the beach, you can express yourself freely and boldly, making a statement wherever you go. This design not only makes you the center of attention on the beach, but also shows off your fashion sense and keen sense of color. Whether you're enjoying the sunshine or strolling along the beach, let this color-blocked cover-up be a symbol of your confidence, energy and unique personality.

Halter Design

The halter dress is a vibrant, fashionable and versatile clothing item. It can not only make you look younger, but also bring a sense of relaxation and ease to the wearer. The design of the halter dress cleverly hides the waistline, while raising the visual center of gravity, making the proportion of the body more beautiful. Many halter dresses have a visual “heightening” effect, stretching the body line and making people look more slender and straight. Especially short, everyday halter dresses are not only suitable for casual occasions, but can also show off a woman's sex appeal. Longer halter dresses that reach the calf or ankle can be worn for formal occasions, showing elegance and intellectualism.

women's halter cover up dress for the beach


The drawstring design not only emphasizes the waist curve, but also gives the garment more personality and charm. Its great practicality allows the wearer to adjust it according to their own needs, so as to obtain the ideal wearing effect. By simply adjusting the elasticity of the drawstring, you can easily create different looks for different occasions. Whether you're looking to accentuate your waistline, or you're looking for a more casual and comfortable style, the drawstring design is flexible and allows you to show off your personality.


A v neck crochet top can not only elongates the neck, but is also able to visually look slimmer on the face. This kind of design will make you look slimmer and at the same time can show sexy and charming temperament. The design feature of v neck makes it a suitable choice for people with different face shapes to wear. For those with round or square faces or those who want to look slimmer, the v neck is a smart choice. The lines of the V-neck can effectively elongate the neck, making it look more slender and straight, and it also helps to reduce the roundness of the face, making it look more three-dimensional and stylish. In addition, the v neck design can also show elegant fashion and sexy charm, especially after revealing the charming collarbone, adding a more charming flavor.

Pearl Rhinestone

Sexy swimsuit cover ups are perfect for showing off your charming figure, which not only show off your curves perfectly, but also make you stand out from the crowd. This design skillfully blends sexiness and elegance, giving you a high-class feeling of nobility and gorgeousness. The see-through design makes the skin hidden and outlines the charming figure, which shows the feminine charm and adds a touch of mystery. Sparkling pearl rhinestones and pearl decorations will make the smock even more radiant and dazzling. Whether paired with a bikini or underneath a swimsuit, this style will have you exuding confidence and sensuality.

women's sexy swimsuit cover up for summer vacation

Hollow out

Hollow out design is very common in clothing design, and it has become one of the highlights of the fashion world with its unique style. One of the greatest advantages is its ability to show sensuality and individuality, and to make the wearer uniquely feminine. Not only does this design add breathability and lightness to the garment, it also shows off a portion of the skin and outlines a woman's soft curves. Whether it's on a top, skirt or dress, cut-outs can inject a distinctive fashion vibe into an outfit. It can either be the highlight of the overall look or part of an accessory or decoration that makes the wearer stand out from the crowd.


Lace has always played an important role in the fashion world with its qualities of elegance, sophistication and sensuality, intertwining many flavors. And lace kimono cardigan is indeed a perfect choice in beach styling. It not only injects a romantic touch to the outfit but also adds a softness and flavor to the overall look.

Lace kimono cardigans are ideal to wear at the beach, pool, summer beach weddings, honeymoon vacations, and evenings out. Its lightweight and soft texture makes it a summer must-have to keep out the cold without losing your sense of style. Whether you're enjoying the sunshine during the day or strolling along the beach at night, you'll exude charm. The lace cover up cardigan has a wide range of options, so you can wear it with a bikini, shorts, T-shirt, or sandals for a stylish and personalized look. Lace cardigans are also available in a variety of design styles, some focusing on the delicacy of the lace, while others are more see-through, allowing you to choose according to your personal preference and the needs of the occasion.

women's lace kimono cardigan for beach time


The biggest advantage of the beach off the shoulder dress is its off-the-shoulder design, which can emphasize the neck line and collarbone to look sexy. People with a slim figure will not go wrong if they choose it. In addition, the strapless dress is also very suitable for short girls to wear, because its design can visually lengthen the proportion of the human body, can make short girls instantly higher several centimeters.


The gorgeous vintage of embroidery symbolizes the combination of sophistication and tradition, which forms a wonderful fashion style with the kaftan skirt, showing unique charm and elegance. Every stitch and thread of the meticulous embroidery presents elegance and luxury, making you feel as if you are in a temple of art full of history and cultural heritage. On the beach, wearing a embroidered kaftan dress can not only show your noble taste and unique temperament, but also let you exude elegance under the sun.

women's embroidered kaftan dress for the beach


Printing technology is a unique artistic technique, which gives clothing patterns a vivid sense of motion and rich texture. This technique not only makes the clothing pattern more delicate and three-dimensional, but also gives the clothing a unique visual effect and tactile experience. The delicate colors in each area speak of the designer's dedication and craftsmanship. Women kaftan dresses are often printed, especially with butterfly prints. Butterflies are the source of inspiration for the design, giving the whole dress a soft and dynamic temperament. The light and airy form of the butterfly's wings is vividly displayed on the fabric, making it seem as if the butterfly is fluttering. This design not only makes the kaftan dress lighter and more comfortable to wear, but also gives the wearer an atmosphere of elegance and movement.

The range of designs showcased in these beach cover-ups reflect the diversity and creativity of contemporary beachwear fashion. Each design element contributes to style and functionality, ensuring that each of you beach lovers can find a cover-up to suit your personal tastes and preferences.

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