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Summer Beach Time: How to Choose Prints

Dabbling in the realm of beach cover-up prints is like embarking on a colorful adventure on the sands of fashion. The choice is always a headache, especially when it comes to choosing the beautiful beach cover ups for a beach holiday, as it represents your personal taste. From clean and simple solid colors to lively butterfly prints, to classic and retro stripe prints, there is always a print style that fits you perfectly. Beach cover-ups with different print styles will bring different experiences to your beach trip. Whether you are drinking a little wine on a lounge chair on the beach, or strolling on the seashore shrouded by the golden sunset, a variety of beach cover-ups can perfectly sink your personal charm. Now, let's enter the world of prints and explore the prints of various beach cover-ups!

Solid Color

The first style I want to introduce is solid color. Solid color ladies beach dresses have become a must-have item in almost all women's wardrobes. Beach dresses can be worn over swimsuits to go to the beach, or worn to go shopping or have lunch with girlfriends. They are also suitable as date outfits. Solid color women's dresses for beach tend to have a high overall saturation. They are mainly long skirts, but there are also some hot and distinctive dresses. The color matching of solid color beach dresses is very casual. It represents an unprecedented romance, freedom, and fashion. It brings a kind of elegant and smart temperament when walking. It is now popular in the entire clothing industry.

women's solid color beach dressStripes

The stripe element originated from the French navy uniform, with the early 21 stripes representing each of Napoleon's victories. Later, American artist Gerald Murphy brought the navy stripe element into the literary and artistic circles in the 1920s. French fashion company Saint James also began to produce British striped T-shirts in 1889, and it is still a representative brand of designing sailor shirts. In the 1930s, people yearned for seaside vacations immersed in bright sunshine and advocated a healthy and leisurely lifestyle. Striped shirts were undoubtedly the first choice to express this idea. Striped elements filled with the breath of the beach and the sun became a frequent guest in most people's wardrobes at that time. Stripes always remind people of beautiful beaches and festive sunshine. It is well known that choosing striped clothes in summer can increase your sense of fashion and add a casual and elegant style. A striped long sleeve beach dress can create a regular visual impression and achieve a slimming effect. At the same time, stripes also have certain retro fashion characteristics. Simple black and white striped long skirts will make you more elegant on the beach.

Butterfly Print 

The butterfly element is the most common display in clothes, that is, as a print. The colorful butterfly pattern kaftan dress looks very eye-catching, and the flower-like shape is more summery. The abstract butterfly print is mainly about the display of color, which is more retro. This design breaks the monotony of pure colors, adds color and design sense, and you only need to match it with simple accessories to make your beach look more dazzling. In addition to adding butterfly prints, designing beach blouses into the shape of butterflies has also become a popular trend. At the beach, wearing such a beach blouse dress, you are like a free butterfly dancing on the beach.

colorful butterfly pattern kaftan dress for women

Floral Print

The beach and the seaside are the holy places for wearing dresses, especially the summer floral maxi dress can give people a sense of beauty and romance. But do you know how to choose a suitable floral skirt for yourself? How to match a floral skirt to look more elegant and advanced? Here are some key points for matching.

The first is the size of the floral pattern. The floral patterns also have different sizes. Small floral is more suitable for girls with small and delicate looks. Large floral is more suitable for girls with more majestic looks. In terms of height, small floral is suitable for short girls, while large floral is more suitable for tall women. You can choose according to different body characteristics.

The second is color matching. After choosing the right style, the color of the floral skirt pattern is equally important. We will find that the simpler and more advanced the outfit is, the more messy and numerous the floral colors are, and the more tacky it will appear.

Last but not the least is the fabric. In terms of fabric selection, pure cotton fabrics are more comfortable and breathable, but there is also a bad point, that is, they are easy to wrinkle. So we can choose some fabrics that don't wrinkle easily, such as silk, which can enhance the overall sense of luxury of the clothes. When on vacation in the summer, we can wear a floral skirt with a straw bag and high-heeled sandals, which looks more refreshing and beautiful.

summer floral maxi dress for women

After learning so many different styles, you must have a certain understanding of the style that suits you perfectly. Take action now! Bring your favorite printed beach dress and start a romantic beach trip!

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